Embracing the Season

Written By Jessica Temple - March 28 2019


June 03 2021

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Stacy Mazza
March 28 2019

Jess there is absolutely nothing wrong with slowing down and spending time with family. If I’ve learned anything from my diagnosis, it’s that family comes 1st. It’s most important and everything else can wait. Don’t be ashamed of your decision. Enjoy these young years with your girls because it goes by way too fast. Sending my love to you and your family. 💕

Amy Lynne
March 28 2019

There is a season for everything! You are so wise to take time to enjoy your littles while they are still small.

Courtney Williamson
March 28 2019

Love This!!!! ❤️

Holly Bailey
March 28 2019

This! I Love this! I too have felt these same feelings…social media creates a craving of wanting more,being more, and its neverending. The pressure is unreal sometimes, because…..oh hey look at that momma “doing it all”. Why cant I get my life together like “her”? I have found myself literally craving “simplicity”! Its so hard for us mommas though, we wear so many hats and have so many responsibilities, but I want my main focus to be on my family and us growing in our relationships with the Lord. I don’t want to grow into what this world wants and I dang sure dont want my kids to either…your post has inspired me to go with these feelings and urges from the Lord. Thank you for sharing!

Kenzie Ashcraft
March 28 2019

So very proud of you! Thanks for encouraging me and motivating me to do the same. So freeing. <3 Love you!

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